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Spring Traditions: Gergjovden (Saint George's day, Gergevden, Gurgevden) - 6 may
   It is a folk holiday in honour of Saint George who is the patron of shepherds and herds. This holiday has a lot of rituals connected to various spheres of Bulgarian life. The typical cattle rituals are interwoven with rituals connected with agriculture, health and wellbeing. 
    In the spring night before the holiday lasses and girls gather flowers and herbs from the fields for the ritual feeding of the sheep and cattle. Three wreaths are made from the flowers: one for the sheep that will be milked first, one for the lamb that will be given as a sacrifice for the saint and one for the bucket with milk in it. The homes and the cattle sheds are decorated with green spring leaves. The shepherds take the herds out for a grazing before sunrise and when they come back a ritual milking is performed. A lamb is slaughtered on Gergjovden as a sacrifice to the patron saint. A big table for the whole village is set on the green fields in front of the church yard, outside the village or near the cattle sheds. Other ritual meals are put on the table except for the roasted lamb. The Gergjovden bread has a special place on the table. In the Eastern parts of Bulgaria the young girls stand up next to the table so that the hemp goes tall. Then they rush into the fields and the children throw crumbs from the bread at them as they believe that brings fertility. The chain dance circular Horo leaded by the best shepherd or a pregnant woman with a green branch in her hand is played around the table all day long. Everybody swings on cradles because it brings health. For the same reason early in the morning on the holiday healthy and ill people  roll themselves into the dewy grass. The hosts burry a red Easter egg in the middle of the field for fertility. At some places people set the straw left from the Christmas dinner on fire in the fields. 
     To prevent from magic that may take the fruit in the fields and milk in the cattle away, people put lump of salt and a woman's belt on the inner side of the door so that the cattle could go through it as they come from the grazing. The salt is put in their food on the other day. In some regions the lasses predict their future wedding by  Laduvane. 
    The Gergjovden sacrifice: The first born male lamb is chosen for that ritual. They put a flower on it, a candle is put on the right horn and it id lit before the slaughtering. In Southern Bulgaria they slaughter the lamb in the garden under a fertile tree and they leave the blood to get soaked in the ground and in Western Bulgaria the slaughtering is done near a river where the blood runs out into the water. It is believed that the blood has protecting powers. They make a blood cross on the children's forehead to keep the evil eyes away.
     The bones are gathered and are buried in an anthill after the holiday so that the sheep become as much as the ants or they are thrown away in the river so that the milk starts running like water. The whole Gergjovden lamb is roasted and a green spray is put on it. 
     Gergjovden bread: Bogovitsa, Kravai, kolak, a loaf for Saint George, Communion Bread, ovcharnik, koshara (cattle shed), baltak, etc. - the preparation takes part the previous day. They are mixed together with new leaven for the sheep to have more milk. The water needed for the kneading of the breads. Mulchana (silent) or tsvetana (with flowers) - has flowers and herbs in it, and is carried by a young bride or a lass. The woman that is kneading the bread is dressed in clean clothes and wears a bunch of flowers tied with a red thread. 
   Church Holiday: The martyr saint George the Conqueror is honoured by Christians and Muslims. He was the son of rich Christian parents and he himself becomes a great adherent of Christianity. He was decapitated in 288 during the time of the emperor Diocletian. Saint George becomes the patron of wars and the army. Folk legends describe Saint George as a man fighting with dragons. 
     Ritual table: roasted lamb, ritual breads, fresh milk, cheese made from that milk, yogurt, a milk and rise desert, garlic, boiled wheat, pastry with butter, pork brawn and eggs.
Link: http://12121.hostinguk.com/stgeorgi.htm
2015 за родените под знака на Телец ще премине през важни събития и кардинални промени свързани с работата, бизнеса и здравето. Особено значима и съдбовна ще бъде за военните, моряците и тези, които работят в системата на полицията.
През годината ще има важно събитие свързано с чичо или леля.
Нов домашен любимец в дома ви или растеж, успех за тези, които се занимават с животновъдство.
В личен план през годината ще преминете през различни изпитания, които ще са свързани с вид раздяла, отказ, загуба или кражба (включително на интелектуален проект, продукт). Събития, които ще ви наранят емоционално, ще ви разочарват от все по-задълбочаващият се егоизъм и материализъм на човека.
Във финансов план сега много внимателни трябва да бъдат младите жени. При тях изкушенията ще са най-големи, както такива свързани с лесни печалби или по-лесен начин на живот, така и откъм заблуди, попадане в схема за измама, изнудване, интриги. Бъдете много внимателни в преценките си за хора и за предложения, които ще ви бъдат направени.
За тези Телци, които имат дъщери са възможни неочаквани разходи свързани с тяхното здраве, образование и др. Пътуване по семейни причини, което ще бъде провокирано от конфликт или спор с роднини. Уреждане на документи или наследство. Възникване на противоречия, сблъсък на интереси и др. ОЩЕ: www.astro.velida.net
For those who are born under the sign of Taurus, there will be important events and cardinal changes associated with work, business and health in 2015. Particularly important and fateful will be developments for military people, sailors and those who work in the police system.
During the year there will be an important event related to an uncle or aunt.
A new pet will come into your home, or there will be growth and success for those who are engaged in animal farming.
On a personal level, this year you will go through various tests that will be associated with some type of separation, rejection, loss or theft (including that involving an intellectual project or product). There may be events that will hurt you emotionally and will disappoint you because of the ever - deepening selfishness and materialism of people.
Financially, you must now be very careful with respect to young women. In your relations with them, the temptations will be greatest, including those related to easy profits or an easier way of life and may include delusions that relate to fraud, blackmail and intrigue. Be very careful in your judgment of people and about proposals that will be made to you.
For those of you who are born under the sign of Taurus that have daughters, it is possible that you will experience unexpected costs related to health, education and more. Travel for family reasons, which will be triggered by conflict or dispute with relatives. Settlement of documents or heritage. Occurrence of contradictions, conflict of interest, etc. .
You will be quite emotional this year, touchy and easily jealous.
More complex relationships in the year you may have with siblings, cousins or neighbors.
Much of this problem you can now deepen, because of your inability or unwillingness to compromise, to be patient and understanding of the position of the other side.
Many will remember this year with the birth of a child or grandchild, the return of a child from a far, where he/she was to study or work.
This year you can fill your house with people, which is a rush for you, although it is spiritual, emotional level.
Big gathering with relatives in a very important occasion.
Important role as mother is important to you. During the year, there will be a kind of repetition of some of your old experiences or important dreams associated with it.
There will need to be organization and regulation of documents related to property or home.
Your personal life this year will depend only on you. Many women will become mothers. This is a year of growth of the family.
2015 brings success and financial gains by children, by work with children, by your engagiement with creative projects.
Thos will be a strong year for people in show business, for those who are involved in tourism as well as hospitality and generally for those in the field of recreation and entertainment.
Love will be generous for women over 35 years, both emotionally and materially, as long as there are no attempts backstage of games and attempted fraud.
There will be the possibility of property acquisition or of financial advantage by a father, grandfather or other male in the family.
There is a chance of winning a lottery or sweepstakes - primarily for Taurus women.
As I wrote at the beginning, the main events of the year will be related to your job (career), business, education, and health. In particular, these events will involve the people associated with the military, police, maritime, civil service. Change may be associated with a new post, a new career, moving due to a job in another city / country and more frequent trips or business travel.
You will happily pass through a danger or surgery.
Events rwill occur that are related to a pet, or a new pet will come into your home.
For those who deal with livestock, a possible expansion of the farm will develop, new animals will be introduced to the farm, and new business partners / clients may be found.
There may be an unexpected marriage or the development of a new family for men over 35 years. Without having planned such a step at the beginning of the year, new circumstances or events will nevertheless provoke such a decision.
For those who will be involved throughout the year with a lawsuit where the defendant is a man, you can expect an unexpected turn of events and outcome. MORE: www.astro.velida.net
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Easter HolidaysHappy EasterEaster Holidays
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Happy EasterHappy Easter1st APRIL - Ден на лъжата :)
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Счастливая Весна (Russian)
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